The provision of suitable training is the facility by which our workforce can enhance existing skills and/or develop new ones. It encourages individuals to continually strive to improve their capabilities and ensures that our company remains competitive in the industry in which we operate. We as a company believe in the philosophy of a dedicated, skilled and loyal workforce will (does) in turn improve our business.

Due to the type and nature of the work we undertake, a significant part of the training (and Competence Assurance) is provided by means of ‘practical on the job’ supervision and guidance by suitably qualified and experienced personnel.

All work undertaken by our workmen is supervised by a suitably qualified foreman. Such supervision ensures that the performance of the workmen, quality of their work and general ‘housekeeping’ are constantly monitored as the work progresses. The Health and Safety Advisor also conducts periodic inspections to ensure that health and safety standards are maintained.

Training needs are identified through appraisals, job evaluations and competency assessments. Employees are encouraged to identify training requirements they consider pertinent to their work, and the company will review and finance accordingly. Additional training is provided by means of attending external courses facilitated by professional consultants. Records of all training provided to our staff are maintained in each individual’s personal profile.

Some examples of training courses which our employees have attended are:

  • Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS)
  • National Road and Street Works NASWA
  • Emergency Aid in the Workplace
  • National Proficiency Test Council Course in the Use of Pesticides
  • Construction Training and Safety Ltd. Course in Abrasive Wheels