Quality Management System

Quality Management System

Implementation of the QMS is fundamental to the company’s work activities and operations and is based on the principles and requirements prescribed in the ISO 9001:2008 quality management standard. The objectives of the QMS are to provide:

  • Management with a reference for the administration of the company;
  • A benchmark for the performance of management; and,
  • A reference against which the performance of the company can be measured.

The QMS establishes the goals on which quality management is based and are established to ensure that our processes are clearly identified, regularly monitored and recorded, and remain effective.

The QMS is based on the process model depicted below:

As part of our Management Review process, we review the QMS and, when required, make changes in order to ensure that it continues to meet management requirements and market conditions. In addition, each of the components of the QMS is periodically and systematically reviewed by both internal and external Quality Audit procedures.