Amazon Multi-Storey Car Park, Airport City, Manchester

Huber Car Park Systems

End User: Amazon

Contract Duration: May – November

Contract Value (Labour, Plant and Materials): £800,000

Project Description: Undertaking all groundworks for the construction of a new multi-storey car park consisting of:

  1. Bulk/Reduced Level/Foundation excavations and removing from site.
  2. Formation of steel reinforcement cages for foundations.
  3. Pouring concrete to foundations.
  4. Forming In-Situ concrete retaining walls.
  5. All underground drainage including pipework, manholes and interceptors.
  6. All new service ducting within the car park.
  7. Filling to formation level with imported 6F2 and MOT Type 1.
  8. Compaction of all imported material.
  9. Laying of approximately 4000m2 of 80mm block paving.

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