Staff Profiles

John Byrne
Managing Director

The Managing Director of Byrne Civil Solutions Ltd. in conjunction with the company’s Health and Safety Advisor, is responsible for ensuring compliance with the relevant health and safety regulations.

Key responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The overall implementation of the company’s Health and Safety policies (e.g. Health and Safety, Environmental, Quality, etc.);
  • Ensuring the implementation of company’s Quality Management System;
  • Ensuring that the customer’s quality requirements are reflected in the goods and services provided
  • Ensuring that adequate funds and resources are available to meet company requirements
  • Ensuring that Managers and Supervisors are fully aware of their duties and are acquainted with the types of hazards which may be encountered in their own and their employees working environment;
  • Maintaining enthusiasm and continue to stimulate interest in safety matters with Supervisors; and,
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of personnel under his control to whom responsibility for various aspects of health and safety have been assigned.