Committing to Protecting the Environment

Committing to Protecting the Environment

Environmental Policy

As a company and individuals, we are fully committed to protecting the environment in which we both live and work within. To demonstrate this commitment, we have formulated and subsequently implement and maintain our Environmental Policy. Implementation of that policy, which has been prepared in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act 1990, ensures the continued protection of our employees, the public, its neighbours and the environment, by the control measures set out in the policy.

The policy addresses the various activities where a possible risk to operatives or others may exist if control measures for environmental protection are not effectively managed and maintained. In particular, the company Environmental Policy (and supporting procedures and risk assessments) demonstrates our commitment and obligation to:

  • Utilise energy as efficiently as practically possible, thus demanding less from the environment;
  • Manage and dispose of waste in an environmentally friendly manner, in particular, to minimise the amount of waste produced, and maximise the amount of waste that is re-used or recycled, with an overall objective of minimising the potential impact on community health and the environment, consistent with a philosophy of continuous improvement;
  • Minimise air emissions including those from road transport vehicles and associated equipment;
  • Manage and dispose of chemicals/hazardous substances, including the identification and control of hazards associated with our working activities and operations via the:
    • Appropriate classification of chemicals as per relevant regulations and standards;
    • Consultation with the relevant Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs);
    • Safe storage and transportation of chemicals; and,
    • Wearing of appropriate PPE.

It is the aim of the company to do all in its power to limit any adverse effects to others or the environment which could arise as a result of the work it undertakes. To achieve these aims the co-operation of all employees is requested. The company has and shall continue to have, a positive attitude toward everyone who takes an interest in our environmental work and performance. We welcome dialogue with our employees, customers and the public about possible hazards arising from our operations.

Company’s Environmental Policy is reviewed annually to ensure that it remains up-to-date and, if necessary, is revised to take into account changes in the organisational structure and/or legislation. The ultimate responsibility for environmental compliance in the company is that of Mr J. Byrne, Managing Director. As with all company policies, copies of the Environmental Policy are made available to all members of staff.

Health and Safety Environmental Management System

Byrne Civil Solutions Ltd. has developed their H&SMS such that it now extends to cover environmental aspects as well as health and safety and has become a Health, Safety and Environmental Management System (HSEMS). The environmental component has been developed in accordance with the principles and requirements of the ISO 14001:2004 environmental management system standard.