We have commenced works on site in Rotherham to undertake all groundworks for a new Toby Carvery site, this will be a short term contract, from commencement on site to completion on site it will only be 10no. weeks in total.

Our Groundworks package will include but is not limited to the following items, Bulk Excavation/Disposal of existing materials, Formation of Piling Mat, Pile Cropping, on site prefabrication of steel reinforcement for ground beams/cages, and 2.0m plus deep Surface/Foul Water Drainage with 150/375mm diameter pipework, Installation of PCC Inspection Chambers, 2no. Interceptors and 1no Tubosidor Tank, 400L/m of PCC Kerbing, 2500m2 of Machine Laid Tarmac Surfacing with New White-lining. Contract Value £320,000.